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What is the Beliefonomics Storytelling Framework?

Here it is, a quick overview of my world-first brand storytelling model, shared here especially for readers of my weekly Beliefonomics Report (subscribe here) given I mention it a bit!

The Beliefonomics Storytelling Framework™

BOOK EXCERPT from 'Beliefonomics: Realise the True Value of Your Brand Story' by Mark Jones ©2020:

“We always begin the process of developing your brand story from the outside in. So, the concentric circles [in the model illustrated above] are the first thing to note. The four fundamental elements of business strategy must create a safety hedge around all our brand storytelling:

  • Strategy

  • Storytellers

  • Budget

  • Audience.

Each of these elements most often already exist in some form when we begin working with the Beliefonomics Brand Storytelling Framework, but it's important to be clear and unified on each of them from the start.

Moving toward the centre, we see our three critical dials used to unlock a Brand Story that unlocks profit and purpose in your business or organisation:

  1. Brand Journey

  2. Belief Journey

  3. Channel Journey.

There’s no right or wrong order for interrogating them. For example, your Origin Story may jump out as the most strategic first focus for the season you are in at the moment.

Regardless, it is vital you develop solid insights into each one of the central dials in the Beliefonomics ecosystem to arrive at the destination: The Brand Story with insights to spur action and focus to achieve measurable growth."


READ MORE in your copy of "Beliefonomics: Realise the True Value of Your Brand Story©" available to order here in print ($24.99 plus P&H) or ebook ($9.99). In it, I go through each element of the Beliefonomics Storytelling Framework™ from the outside in and show you how it works in detail, including stories of clients I've worked with like GHD Digital, Sage Software and UniSuper. Contact me if you'd like to discuss workshops or events:

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