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It's official: I'm a Certified Virtual Presenter ✅ 🎥

It's official, I'm a Certified Virtual Presenter! is a US based agency that does rigorous testing to award the globally recognised certification. I had to demonstrate I had the "tools, environment and skills to perform a quality remote presentation using live video".

Turns out I did alright 😌 #humblebrag: here's a link to my scorecard. ✅✅✅✅

Below is the video recorded by eSpeakers during the certification session. Thanks to Daniel Marr and the amazing production team at Filtered Media who always make me feel relaxed knowing they've got me covered (in lights, make-up and technical prowess!)


Get in touch if you'd like to know more about booking a Beliefonomics™ virtual keynote, webinar or digital event with support from a fully-fledged production team and professional studio back-drop (pictured below). We can offer multiple camera angles, sound and lighting, in-person guests with COVID social distancing criteria plus virtual guests, whiteboards, interactive Q&A, polls, and break-out sessions for your online guests, and all with a Certified Virtual Presenter to boot!

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